A Look Back in History: 1960s Classroom

The Mill Neck Family of Organizations unveiled a special room inside of the Mill Neck Manor. Before a group of current DEC students, Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf superintendent Francine Bogdanoff cut the ceremonial ribbon and opened a doorway to our school’s past. Staged as it would have appeared in the mid-1960s, a room on the third floor of the Mill Neck Manor now showcases a typical classroom set up reminiscent of the early life of the school.

In 1925, when the Dodge family moved into the newly constructed “Sefton Manor,” this room served as one of the home’s numerous guest bedrooms. When Lutheran Friends of the Deaf purchased the Manor in 1949, they changed the name to Mill Neck Manor and opened the Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf in 1951. This is when the room began a new life to help Deaf children locally, and would remain so for decades to come. Now, thanks to the newly transformed room, it can be seen as it would have looked over 50 years ago.

While most of the Mill Neck Manor’s rooms are staged to appear as they would have in 1925, we felt it was crucial to honor the school’s history by also showcasing its important life in the home. The two lives of the Mill Neck Manor are as interesting as they are important, and we celebrate both! A special thank you to the DEC students whose artwork was displayed in the classroom: Alan A., Bryan A-U., Matthew E., Laila F., Summer G., Kaikobad H., Ryan K., Noah M., Maggie R-J., Niah T. and Jose Y.