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An audiologist is a professional who specializes in hearing health. The responsibilities of an educational audiologist is to provide services and technology to facilitate learning, listening and communication. The responsibilities of a school audiologist include:

  • Daily monitoring of currently used equipment
  • Daily check of the needs of the students and teacher hearing supplies
  • Daily biological calibration of audiology equipment
  • Annual audiological evaluation of all students, inclusive of aided results. The PIP program students are tested monthly
  • Recommend the best FM/remote mic option based on individual needs
  • A variety of equipment repairs
  • Assess current amplification function and the appropriate auxiliary mic options
  • Audiological intake evaluations and intake history with parent/guardian
  • Justification/recommendation of the FM system/remote mic needed when a student enters the mainstream
  • Liaison with private sector audiologists, dispensers and hospitals
  • Earmold impressions (post administration approval)
  • Monitor inventory supplies
  • Order needed supplies based on individual student need
  • Clean and sterilize audiological equipment, inclusive of toys
  • Provide inservice training to staff on hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM/remote mic systems.
  • Advocate on behalf of the students and promote self-advocacy/personal responsibility

For further information/assistance, please contact Dr. Tanya Linzalone at (516) 922-4100, ext 227 or at