Mill Neck Manor Kindness Garden

I am so happy to be here today at Mill neck for a joint project with the Milneck school for the deaf, the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, and of course the Rotary Club of Floral Park Bell Rose."
"We are so pleased to be here together to plant a kindness Garden."
"The garden will provide a sanctuary for insects, bees, monarchs, and other butterflies, but most of all it is a symbol of spreading kindness in our local communities and around the world."
"So the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation is honoring my daughter’s memory, Catherine."
"Catherine loved loved animals and her promise to them was that they would always be safe and they would know that she was kind."
"We had a rule in our house that when she had a creature that she had found during the summer whether it was a worm from the garden or a butterfly or a frog that she had to she could have it as a friend for the day but it had to be released at night."
"Whatever she had as a friend off with this little tiny whisper and we asked her one day what exactly she was saying on the send-off because she had a Grace about saying goodbye and she would ask them to tell their friends that she was kind."
"The kindness Gardens that we do in collaboration with the rotary are habitats that are eco-type pollinator plants they are truly native to the Long Island region and they’re planted to provide pollinators beneficial insects and butterflies a safe haven."
"As the garden blooms and as butterflies surely land I am sure that Catherine’s Gentle Spirit is whispering in this garden and sharing her kindness and compassion with everybody who encounters it."
"Hello, I would like to say that we had a wonderful day today."
"It was so wonderful seeing everyone join together planting flowers to represent that we are here to support each other to nurture each other to grow."
"What is today about, today is about kindness about Humanity, about learning and about sharing."
"That’s something that’s really important to us here at Milneck family of organizations is to not just talk about the work or what we do but also to share and celebrate kindness and humanity."
"If you want to learn a little bit more about who we are and what we do log on to and see what we’re all about."

Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf Collaborates on a Kindness Garden Project The Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, in collaboration with the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation and the Rotary Club of Floral Park Bell Rose, recently launched a Kindness Garden project. The Garden is a tribute to Catherine, a young girl who loved animals and believed in the power of kindness. The Garden provides a safe haven for insects, bees, monarchs, and other butterflies, and promotes kindness in local communities and beyond. The event was a celebration of kindness, humanity, and learning, involving students, adults, and visitors from different organizations. The Mill Neck family of organizations emphasizes respect, care, and celebration of each other.