Mill Neck Manor Featured on Good Morning America

[Music] Institutions like Mill Neck School for the Deaf are vital resources. Okay, you ready? Come this way, this way.
What they offer most is essential community.
It's their Utopia where they feel safe, where they feel that they can thrive.
Two years ago that Utopia transformed completely.
Hard of hearing students were forced into remote learning.
For Deaf kids, it was even worse because this is where they get the connection.
Technology became an integral part of Mill Neck operations.
To ensure the power of connection is never disrupted again, our sponsor Verizon is teaming up with football player and spokesperson John Feliciano in a giant way to support small business like the Mill Neck Foundation.
Next up something special, I have a giant surprise for you. Okay, I want to introduce to you New York Giant's own John Feliciano.
My brother was born deaf so I know from first-hand experience what you guys do here. My friends over at Verizon were so inspired by your guys's story that they're donating fifteen thousand dollars to the Mill, thank you to improve the lives of the Deaf or hard of hearing.
Mill Neck organization's mission statement says it wants the Deaf and hard of hearing Community to be included, empowered, celebrated, and embraced as equals and technology is a key part of achieving that goal. Yeah, it is. Yes, it is.

The Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf was featured on Good Morning America for their dedication to empowering deaf and hard of hearing students. With the help of Verizon, the school was able to implement new technology to facilitate remote learning and ensure that students could stay connected with their teachers and peers. Verizon is also donating $15,000 to the Mill Neck Foundation to improve the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing community. The school’s mission is to include, empower, celebrate, and embrace the deaf and hard of hearing as equals, and technology is an essential part of achieving that goal. The Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf is a vital resource and a Utopia for students, providing a safe and welcoming environment where they can thrive.

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