Children and staff at an outdoor event. Children and staff at an outdoor event.

Student Enrichment Program

The purpose of the Student Enrichment Program is to provide our students with equitable learning and the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge outside of the classroom. It is important to Mill Neck that we provide our students the tools necessary to be successful upon graduation. 

The first course that we will offer starting in January 2023 will be called Mill Neck Virtual Wealth Management Fund. The objective of the Mill Neck Virtual Wealth Management Fund is to provide a learning experience for our students in how to invest in different investment vehicles such as stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), Mutual Funds, and many more. The students will also expand their knowledge on how to conduct research, pick stocks that provide the best chance of success based on value, Earning Per Shares, Price/Earning Ratio, understand risk management, and among other things. We also look forward to participating in the Stock Market Game with other Schools and Programs, including Deaf Education programs in the United States.