Mill Neck CEO, Distinguished Woman of the Year

The Nassau County Legislature honored Dr. Asiah Mason, CEO of Mill Neck Family of Organizations, as the Distinguished Women of the Year, highlighting her leadership and dedication to enriching the lives of others. This recognition, given under Women’s History Month, celebrates outstanding women for their professional accomplishments, service to others, and impact on the community. Mr. Joshua Lafazan, Legislator for District 18th, Nassau County, New York, emphasized the commitment and dedication of Dr. Asiah Mason as an example of service to the community. Mill Neck Family of Organizations is a woman-led, non-profit entity that seeks to empower deaf and hard of hearing children, adults, and their families to achieve their dreams through education, training, and employment programs. “This is a recognition for all Mill Neck Staff. As a team we are changing lives for all God’s children because every human being deserves access to equal rights and opportunities”, Dr. Mason said.

About Mill Neck Family of Organizations

 The Mill Neck Family of Organizations is dedicated to creating a world in which deaf and hard of hearing individuals are included, empowered, celebrated and embraced as equals through quality and accessible education, sign language, spiritual development, employment, and habilitation programs and services.

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