Lutheran Friends of the Deaf: Report from Ethiopia

20 ASL students from Ethiopian churches

Deaf Students in Ethiopia with sun glasses

We praise our heavenly father for all His good plans for our Deaf people of Ethiopia. The past two months brought many blessings to our Deaf people and those who are working with them.

Sign language training: Many hearing churches are now being exposed to Deaf awareness. Twenty  young people from different churches asked us to teach them Sign language. Eighteen of them have completed their first level of ASL communication skills and obtained their certificates. They promised to look around for Deaf people and invite them to their churches.

Our visitors from America: We praise our Lord for His good plans and works among our Deaf people. A group of twelve Deaf and hearing physicians from Lutheran churches in America had arrived here on Nov.1. They came here to check on the eyes of our Deaf children who depend on their sight for communication and provide them with eye glasses.Deaf children from Deaf schools in Addis Ababa, Nekemte Deaf school, and Hosanna Deaf school were all examined. Along with hearing staffs, church leaders and other needy people a total of 940 people received eye treatment and more than 500 eye glasses were distributed to them.

This group had not only helped with eye treatments but they taught all people how to take care of their eyes. Before everyone sat for a examination we also explained to them the way of salvation through Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  All people were able to hear the Good News of Jesus, which was a blessing!