It’s a Go Mill Neck Apple Festival Fans!

Logo for Apple FestivalThe Mill Neck Family of Organizations is pleased to announce modified plans that will allow its Apple Festival—an annual tradition on Long Island since the 1950s—to proceed this year. On Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10 from 11 am – 
4 pm, Mill Neck will present the “Best of the Festival” as a Drive-Thru Grab & Go, making it safe and easy to take home your long-standing fall favorites during current COVID-19 concerns. Get your items on-the-spot or preorder online after Labor Day. Selections include the top three New York State apples—Honeycrisp, Snapdragon and Jonagold—and two sizes of boxed prepacked festival must-haves, which include tasty apple butters, jelly and honey.

As with all Apple Festivals past, this year’s event fully benefits children and adults who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. With a short and sweet list of select products offered at the 2021 festival, it also brings to mind memories of the festival’s beginning, when members of churches would come and pick apples from the orchards on the Mill Neck campus. Making the best of this year’s situation, the Mill Neck Family hopes to return to the tradition of a full community on-campus gathering for all future Apple Festivals. “While we would prefer to see our alumni reuniting, families walking our grounds, children rolling down the hill and faithful volunteers helping, as they have done for over 60 years, we hope this “Best of the Apple Festival” event will keep the Mill Neck Manor spirit within you until we can meet again the traditional festival way,” says Dr. Asiah Mason, Mill Neck’s CEO.

The Mill Neck Family is grateful to all the extraordinary festival supporters over the years and hopes many of you will check out this year’s Grab & Go. If you are unable to drop by you can still participate in the organization’s largest fundraiser by simply visiting the donation page at to make a contribution today!