Donor Couple Supports Mill Neck for 25 Years

When 95-year-old Gloria and 98-year-old Frank Massimo—longtime donors and faithful supporters of Mill Neck—walked into the Mill Neck offices, a palpable presence of history, knowledge and love surrounded them. After 72 years of marriage, they remained perfectly in sync, practically finishing each other’s sentences. They went back in time, reminiscing about the old days growing up, without missing a beat: radio shows, street ball games, party-line phones, the prices of gas and even Frank’s role commanding minesweepers in World War II.

Frank explained how he sat back and patiently watched as his future wife would unknowingly walk in and out of his life for years.

"My friend and I would sit on the front stoop in the Bronx and Gloria would walk by with her sister; I used to watch her change buses," he explained. "It was love at first sight."

Gloria, who has been a dedicated Apple Fest-goer for 25 years, felt an association with Mill Neck after she spent a great deal of her life with only 33 percent of her hearing. "I started to lose my hearing after I had my first child around 60 years ago," she said. "The doctor said ‘no more children,’ but I went ahead and had another one and lost even more of my hearing."

Gloria then went into the nearest drug store and bought a hearing aid that was as big as a pack of cigarettes, which she hung around her neck. "My children used to come right up to it and speak into it if they wanted to talk to me."

Now, hearing aid technology has come a long way. The Massimos were immediately introduced to Doctor of Audiology, Susan Antonellis, at the Center for Hearing Health, so that they could receive the latest and greatest in hearing health care.

In addition to being dedicated donors and Apple Fest participants, The Massimos have purchased a dozen bricks from the Mill Neck Tribute program. We would like to sincerely thank Frank and Gloria, and all of our Mill Neck supporters.

Donor Couple Supports Mill Neck for 25 Years
Gloria and Frank Massimo with Mill Neck CEO Michael F. Killian