DEC Student Stars in NYC Musical

I’d like you to meet JJ. As an infant, JJ was diagnosed with severe hearing loss and wears bilateral cochlear implants. He attended Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf and has now starred in an NYC musical.

Here at Mill Neck, we see firsthand the amazing accomplishments of our Deaf students, just like JJ. We are blown away by the unwavering determination they possess, and we encourage them to dream BIG.

Having to undergo major cochlear implant surgery as an infant, navigating through life as a profoundly Deaf child, enduring inevitable setbacks with his education and speech as well as having to audition twice for TADA! Youth Theater after not being selected—nothing stopped JJ from overcoming his obstacles and pursuing his dreams.

"I want to get a good education," JJ said absolutely. "I want to be a lawyer, an actor and the President of the United States."

The Mill Neck Family of Organizations is dedicated to creating a world in which Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals are included, empowered, celebrated and embraced as equals. A world in which Deaf children can reach for the stars.

"Being different in any way might be hard sometimes but remember you are not the only one," said JJ.  "The teachers at Mill Neck are very caring and very dedicated. It’s the best school environment I have ever known. It taught me how to listen, how to speak… and that I can be anything I want to be."