An Apple a Day Brings Visitors to Play at Mill Neck


20303 Liya Yazdan (3yrs) was excited to pick a pumpkin.

People from near and far crowded the grounds of Mill Neck Manor last weekend in search of tasty fall treats and festive fun at the annual Apple Festival. For over 50 years, visitors have flocked to Mill Neck to experience the best of the autumn season on Long Island.

The sprawling greens were filled with a variety of vendors selling ripe apples, handmade country crafts, seasonable produce and grilled bratwurst. Festival attendees shopped from a wide variety of cheeses in the “Cheese House,” and plenty of mouth-watering baked goods, jellies, fudge and strudels at the “Country Store.” Children were able to paint and decorate pumpkins they selected from a nearby patch, and enjoyed face paintings, fun games and bouncy houses.

The festival also showcased the latest in deaf technology, sign language novelty items and books. Each year, Mill Neck Manor alumni attend Apple Fest as a “homecoming,” with the event bringing the heart of the Long Island Deaf Community together.

— Alyssa Seidman